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Our partners

Angello Development Foundation

The Angello Development Foundation is built on the desire to see lives improved for individuals and believes that investment and business can be part of the solution. It views the issue of Youth Unemployment as tragic and seeks to find opportunities to connect social impact programmes to investment in frontier nations.


As a key partner Angello Development Foundation identifies opportunities through its investment partners for Significado to implement programs that identify, train and recruit young people in these frontier nations.

IPSA Global HR Solutions

Significado is working with IPSA Global Solutions, its HR Partner that will deliver training that will prepare the young people for the world of work. Finding a way to generate income in Moldova was a priority and by working with an organisation that is experienced in recruitment, placement and HR Systems Globally will allow the creation of a model whereby the placement of trained young people within Moldova will generate a placement fee. 


Codecademy is an interactive website that provides an excellent introduction to various forms of coding language including Python, Ruby, and JavaScript to name a few. Codecademy is a leader in the world of coding with over 25 million unique users on their platform as they make coding practical through a range of hands-on exercises, challenges and projects. Significado will be using these courses and using experienced mentors to ensure the students get maximum value from the courses.


CrowdSkills is a freelance platform for talented young professionals.  They help connect youth with businesses who are looking for affordable digital services. 

Make Code Work for You

Significado have formed a partnership with Make Code Work 4 U an organisation that creates Practical IT Certificates that are created in collaboration with IT Businesses. The content of the certification is approved by the IT Businesses and the verification of the submitted projects is independently verified.#

Certification Approved by IT Partners





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