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Significado is currently focusing on its flagship programme The IT HUB, for more detailed information on this programme visit the website or read the short description below.

Tackling Youth Employment through IT Skills

Significado will address Youth Employment by equipping young people to gain employment in IT roles. IT Skills offer young people an opportunity to work in a global industry, earn a good salary, work for international businesses and remain in their home country in order to improve the local economy. IT Skills are the focus because they are in high demand around the globe, they are transferable across multiple sectors and over the next decade millions of jobs are at a high risk of becoming automated. However, there is and will continue to be a huge demand for workers that have IT Skills. The IT Industry consistently talks about the skills gap between the Soft and Technical Skills that Young People have with the Skills required by the IT Industry. This is why Significado have built a curriculum of the technical and soft skills that are needed for young people to find work. This curriculum has been designed by Global IT Businesses and partners with a number of online training organisations that enables training to be delivered anywhere in the world that has a good quality internet connection. 

Moldovan Case Study
Significado are running an IT HUB project in Moldova which is connecting with hundreds of young people across the country. The availability of jobs in the country and high number of unemployed IT Graduates have led us to create specific curriculum that bridge the gap between education and employment. This model will be adapted to other regions that share the need for IT Professionals that cannot be met by the current educational provision.  

  • 7000 IT Jobs Available in Moldova currently 

  • 3000 IT Students Graduate per Year

  • Only 20% of these students gain  employment in IT roles

  • IT Identified as Growth Sector by National Government 


The IT Hub is a space where young people are trained in the skills that are in greatest demand from the IT Industry. Our training materials are all created in collaboration with the IT Industry and we work in partnership with both the local IT Industry and Global IT Businesses to ensure that the young people have the technical, practical and soft skills necessary to thrive in IT roles. There is also the opportunity to deliver the curriculum through partners across a wider geographical area.  
A key element to The IT Hub is the community of like-minded people that is brought together. Significado will train and equip mentors to work alongside the students so that the student is coached throughout their training to achieve their potential. The goal is to help the young people to build the confidence and values alongside the technical skills to be able to make a smooth transition into IT jobs

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